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Traffic Terminal is an expert in traffic management, analytics, monetization and product promotion on web, mobile and social platforms. We are the ones who constantly generate new ideas and introduce innovations which make our projects profitable for partners and competitive on the market.

Our mission is to help our partners develop and market their projects, fully satisfy their traffic needs and give them an edge over competitors.

  •   Dating
  •   Gaming
  •   Attorneys
  •   Online Shopping
  •   Financial
  •   Estate
  •   Jobs
  •   Auto


We at Traffic Terminal make it easy for our clients to assert themselves on the web and engage with customers efficiently.

What we mean by being an innovative SEO company is staying on top of technology, analyzing millions of queries daily in order to define algorithms of search machines and competitors, as well as testing hypothesis through our own network of websites. We apply our expertise to products on web and social platforms particularly, as well as to mobile ones.

Our extensive experience, flexible approach and cutting edge vision provides our partners with top ranks within various niches all over the world no matter what.

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Our incredible partners include:

  • is an ecommerce platform that compares products and prices in the Russian online market. Website visitors are able to leave comments and rate the products. Thanks to the system of these inputs, Aport customizes search results for each visitor.
  • is a search engine for Russian automotive market. AvtoPoisk’s innovative technology allows the search engine to effectively group and present car sale advertisements for potential customers. Through this portal, car seekers can purchase a vehicle from an official dealership or from a personal seller. thrives on providing a user with the best search experience.
  • ClickDealer is an international online marketing agency and affiliate network specializing in CPA campaigns. As an agency, ClickDealer provides merchants with advertising services of highest quality which is ensured by the many years of expertise of ClickDealer internal media buying team. As a network, ClickDealer operates as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers to help both parties achieve maximum efficiency on their online marketing campaigns. For affiliates, ClickDealer provides a wide selection of offers at premium payout, day-to-day support and flexible payment options.
  • Cupid plc today is one of the top five global online dating companies. The company owns and operates a large network of dating websites focusing on three c
  • Databrain is a robust analytical platform with a focus on behavioral and predictive user analytics. Databrain′s solutions help clients to use their data in a variety of ways, including user experience optimization, campaign targeting, strategic alignment, and historical data trending. Databrain provides mobile app analytics, game analytics, crash analytics, user analytics, real-time API, and an easy to use self-serve platform.
  • Google is a global corporation specializing in Internet-related technologies. The most notable of Google’s products and services are connected with searches, cloud computing, software and online advertising technologies. The company also develops online productivity software, social networking tools, desktop products and many other services. The company was founded in 1998 and now is headquartered in California, USA.
  • Group is a leading Russian language Internet company. It operates the largest Russian email service, a web portal by the same name, instant messaging networks Agent and ICQ, and the Russian online networking sites and My World. The company also holds equity stakes in, the largest social network for Russian-speaking audiences.
  • MaximaLabs develops a variety of ready-made solutions for its customers. The company creates websites (social, e-commerce, B2B, B2C), mobile applications, and social widgets. Maxima Labs also provides integration services for cross-platform applications. Since its launch in 2006, MaximaLabs has worked with LexisNexis, New Scientist, Venda, Love Scanner, and other large clients.
  • Murka is a social and mobile gamе development company. Since 2009 when Murka was founded, the company has developed and launched several successful games, including Spades & Hearts Casino and Slots Journey. More than 20 million users play Murka′s games all over the world on mobile devices, Facebook, and the biggest Russian social networks, such as and Today, Murka is one of the fastest developing companies in the field of simulated gambling.
  • is a search engine specializing on the Russian real estate market. Naydidom pulls in the information from various real estate databases and aggregates them for the user into an easy-to-view interface. Every month, receives over 1 million hits and displays over 4 million advertisements.
  • Opera Software ASA is a software company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway and has offices in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. The company is primarily known for its family of web browsers by the same name. The total number of Opera’s users world wide is in excess of 300 million.
  • Phoenix Platform is an innovative platform that allows users to easily create social curation projects. The key principles of the platform are flexibility, interactivity, high-speed performance, quick operation, stability, scalability, and standartization of all the processes. While other platforms (such as WL-platforms) can only offer a limited number of products and services, Phoenix Platform is very flexible and allows starting a wide range of projects simultaneously.
  • is an ecommerce platform for goods and services. The website offers a detailed description and specifications, as well as customer reviews and ratings for each item. has a unique price management function, which provides users with the cheapest price in every geographical region. Founded in 2001, today is a leading online ecommerce marketplace in Ukraine. In 2007, 2008, 2009 was recognized as “the best online trade system of the year” by Internet UA Awards. was also awarded with “Favorites of Success” prize as the best online trade system of 2012.
  • Founded in 1996, Rambler is one of the largest Russian web portals. In addition to web searches, Rambler offers other services such as news aggregation, e-commerce and e-mail for the Russian-speaking community. Rambler Media Group, bought by Prof-Media in 2006, also owns the Russian online newspaper as well as a number of online advise websites such as and
  • Renatus is a publisher of social games which has successfully released over a dozen games since 2011, including Slots Journey, one of the most popular slot games on mobile devices. Renatus helps game developers to finalize their ideas and to publish, test, launch, promote, and monetize games.
  • Segater is a family of niche search engines created to serve the most sophisticated needs of a modern Internet user. The company combines a wide range of sites, which provide search results for popular and niche interests. The search engine collects results from various online services to offer the largest possible selection of relevant matches. Websites, empowered with Segater′s search engines, become a source of targeted and committed online traffic and form a valuable marketing channel for other web-destinations.
  • Together Networks is a worldwide dating company comprised of such famous online dating websites as BeNaughty, CheekyLovers, Flirt, Click&Flirt, Flirt Spielchen. Together Networks has operations in more than 50 countries comprising more than 110 million users jointly. The company’s websites operate on 5 platforms and receive over 3.6 million new members every month.
  • Traffic DNA is a fast growing online marketing company. Traffic DNA provides a variety of solutions in SEO, traffic hunt, CPM networks, CPC networks, performance based advertising, retargeting and media buys. Traffic DNA operates in more than 15 verticals, including dating, health, finance, gaming and gambling.
  • TrafficHunt is an innovative advertising network which providеs efficient solutions for in-house marketers, publishers and advertisers around the world. TrafficHunt allows a variety of different ways to buy and monetize traffic with CPM, CPC, Flat Buys, Retargeting and flexible targeting options.
  • is a vertical search engine specializing on job search. provides lists of job openings and job seekers, grouped by location. Founded in 2010 as a job search engine for the Ukrainian market, has expanded into a number of countries, including Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Latin American countries.
  • Leland Stanford Junior University, widely known as Stanford University, is one of the most recognized universities in the world. A private research university situated in Stanford, California, USA, the University houses 3 academic schools (Humanities, Sciences and Earth Sciences) and 5 professional schools in Business, Education, Engineering, Law and Medicine. Stanford University boosts one of the highest number of Nobel prize winners among its faculty, staff and alumni as well as the highest number of Turing award winners.
  • Microsoft is a multinational corporation specializing in software products and services and has its headquarters in Washington State, USA. Since its foundation in 1975, the company has evolved greatly from an operating system developer to a global leader in mobile and internet technologies through numerous significant acquisitions such as the acquisition of Skype Technologies in 2011.


As business becomes more competitive, selling to the widest possible market isgood decision. The strategy we embody for our clients is to sell more with fewerno longer a effort by finding a less competitive niche.

Careful analysis of market conditions is a key factor we use to position your brand as a recognized expert player among customers, competitors and the whole industry.

Please check the list of niches we are especially proud of getting outstanding results for:

  •   Health
    Though traditionally health consultants drive their business growth through word-of-mouth recommendations, each day more and more customers are seeking out health-related information over the web. We are glad to let them do it with your professional help.
  •   Payday Loans
    Payday Loans are one of the most controversial credit products within the market. As we know, search engines (including Google) got a pretty complicated position regarding it. This only brings us more drive to compete for the top ranks for your product staying “white hat”.
  •   Gaming
    Online Gaming industry offers many attractive business opportunities, however you need an exceptional marketing plan to experience them and stand out from competitors. Our gaming SEO expert will lead your project efforts to turn you into a leader.
  •   Estate
    Real Estate is an extremely specific market niche. You need to wisely use many tricks in order to get a competitive position within both local and global markets. Luckily we already know how to do that after setting tests on hundreds of our own websites targeted all over the world.
  •   Mobile Apps
    As we know, Mobile Apps market is predicted to top $38 billion by 2015. Does it sound good enough for you to join the game? We believe so. No matter what your audience means in terms of age, gender or mobile platform, Traffic Terminal will help it know, love and stick to your product.
  •   Jobs
    Job arena is a very special market for us. Our expertise regarding it is proven by tens of own jobs websites through the globe. Though success in here highly depends on the product itself, it is still possible to expand the audience. We are glad to show how we do it.
  •   Mobile Content
    Mobile consumer behavior has many specific factors like preference of brief content, etc. Mobile content SEO services are especially valuable due to the fact it helps you engage with customers at the precise moment they are searching for products and solutions.
  •   Social Gambling
    Currently Social Gambling is one of the most competitive niches over the web. As predicted, the social gambling market will grow to $2.5 billion by 2015. Users are now more inclined to spend money through this kind of services than ever, and we have an offer if you are the owner of a such one.
  •   Dating
    It’s already so much common to search for beloved ones online. The Dating niche is filled with known and popular brands, and we are proud for serving the leaders among them. Our strategy of targeting narrow and extremely objective audience has never failed. We are excited to show how it works applied to your business.
  •   Downloads
    Do you offer download services to your users? We know how to bring more fans to your product, just drop us a line.
  •   Forex Trading
    Financial trading tools need proper marketing approach to attract the right audience from the very beginning. Qualitative characteristics of traffic are more important here than anywhere. Traffic Terminal is about to help your “right” audience get to know your Forex product.
  •   Auto
    Automotive online market is a huge one, with a set of well-known players entrenched. SEO services within this niche are used by both offline dealers and companies to build their presence online, as well as classifieds and others. We are experienced in serving any of those.
  •   Online Shopping
    SEO services for E-commerce niche are essential, as their impact is much more visible comparing to content websites. It’s an exciting case of ours to prove our expertise and guarantee your sales growth.
  •   Daily Deals
    Effective SEO services for Daily Deals websites are aimed to reach not only customers of the products they are offering, but companies interested in deal scheme as well. We will build the 2-sides strategy for your business to achieve top results.
  •   Education
    Education market is showing new peaks of being competitive. It is especially notable within a couple of last years with the rise of online education institutes. Whether your services are online or offline, attract more students with Traffic Terminal.
  •   Financial
    It’s essential that financial companies are pressured to generate leads what makes the niche a challenging one. You can still get remarkable results and convert prospects to loyal clients with the right strategy.
  •   PayPer Call
    In order to increase your Pay Per Call leads we recommend to combine new ideas with the proven tools. Contact us to know more and discuss.
  •   Penny Auctions
    Are you owning a penny auction web service? It’s notable feature is a very specific audience. Guess what? We know how to attract it.
  •   Insurance
    Being a daily competition, dynamic Insurance industry asks for special efforts in terms of SEO due to the wide set of sub-areas (auto, estate, health, etc.). We got a proven strategy for any of those..
  •   Social Apps
    Users are spending more and more time within social apps than ever. This value doesn’t seem to go down, as well as the profits of the most popular apps. We will help you target your application properly and apply the most relevant tools, so it reaches the top.
  •   Attorneys
    Online market for attorneys is fulfilled with law firms competing for new clients. Whether you are offering your services online, offline or both, stand out with Traffic Terminal and lead more consumers for your business.


  • Research & Development
    Extensive R&D is our main key leading to outstanding results. Learning best practices, searching for offbeat approaches, analyzing millions of queries and testing out even most improbable hypothesis is the factor that guarantees success to our campaigns.
  • Consulting
    We are glad to share our best knowledge and apply expertise through consulting services.This includes the whole cycle: requirements and marketing conditions analysis, marketing plan elaboration, as well as implementation of the approved strategy.
  • Optimization services
    Traffic Terminal is interested not only in developing plans and strategies, but also turning them into life. Thus, we offer a dedicated specialist to run your marketing activities to the best. This comes to optimization services of any niche for products over web and mobile.
  • Products
    As we began helping our clients build more visible and meaningful presence on the web, we worked out a set of tools to do it in a super­efficient manner. Our SEO panels and analytical engines help keep track of the progress and optimize marketing campaigns to their best.



We’re constantly looking for talents to join our team.
Whether you are designer, developer, marketer or SEO specialist, we are glad to hear from you.

If you’re looking for a passionate, collaborative and fun environment, check out our open positions. In case you find no suitable one, but think we might be a good fit to each other, please drop us a line through our contact form.

Below is a list of the current openings with our company.

  • Improvement of position in search results in Yandex, Google
  • Traffic analysis
  • Tracking results
  • Making reports and recommendations
  • External factors consideration while SEO
  • Creating SEO strategies
  • SEO working experience - more than 2 years
  • Understanding SEO principles
  • Understanding search engines' operations and development trends
  • Knowledge of on-site SEO
  • Knowledge of internet marketing
  • Previous experience with English websites and markets as for preference
PHP Developer learn more
  • Development and optimization of queries to data bases
  • YII framework code development
  • Work with front-end sites (on the base of JQuery)
  • Advancement of new projects and maintenance of the existing high-loaded projects in the sphere of analytics and traffic
  • PHP 5.2 or higher (2 years of experience)
  • MySQL 5 or higher
  • Memcache, OOP
  • English (technical documentation reading and translation)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Operational experience in PHP frameworks
  • Design patterns
Designer learn more
  • Mobile applications design development
  • Modification or producing design for new projects
  • Banners design
  • Icons design
  • Other possible tasks
  • Requirements:
  • Experience in E-mail design
  • Advanced level in Photoshop, Illustrator
  • At least 1 year of web-design work experience
  • Knowledge of the tools and principles of web-graphic optimization, knowledge of potential and restrictions of graphic mapping in different formats
  • Good portfolio (website samples, icons, pictograms, other UI elements, infographics)

    Interested to get in touch and consult on your marketing plan & SEO optimization services? We’d love to hear from you!

    Please feel free to send us an e­mail at

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